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Monday, 02 December 2019



all sorts of different items, they all look great!


A nice menu and quality food, Kat. You could ask for condiments (as I did) to 'spice up' some of the items.


That's A LOT of chilies in that last photo...I'm interested in the garlic smacked cucumbers


The seeds and veins of the pepper hold the 'heat', cc, and since these are so small, it would be horribly tedious to remove all of those. However, once removed, the peppers are quite pleasant and sweet. All Szechuan places have the refrigerated section and plenty of the choices are not spicy and quite flavorful; we always choose the cucumbers-so good.


The fish in garlic sauce is one of our faves! Glad you were able to try them out. The fatty beef 'soup' is still a family go-to dish for us. I think the food here is better (and more affordable) than Taste of Hunan nearby.


We will try that soup next time, Fay; thanks for the recommendation. We did eat inside H-Mart the other day (had to get the calendar) and the spice levels were just right, although, of course, Korean spices, which are also good. Hunan is different, many cravings!

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