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Monday, 09 December 2019



That explains the stairways! Food looks good. I always get the beef
chow fun here for party trays. It's so good.


They have alot of dishes I love there. I usually get the pan fried noodles.


Thank you for explaining about the floats:) this meal looks great! haven’t had rice cake in a long time:)


We've never eaten there, only shopped at the market! I never knew there was seating up above. Makes me want to try that fish in XO sauce and sit up there just for the view

Btw, this was the theater where Bert and I watched "Little Mermaid" back in college!


The Party Tray business here seems really busy, TFD. We like wandering around the odd shaped market and figuring out where the movie screens were in relation to the small cut outs for cameras.

You know, I've never ordered anything with noodles here, Soo -and I always try a noodle dish at other places. I think I know what will be tried next! Thanks.

For so long, we just received a bill when we were finished eating and this little sweet rice cake was just a perfect and unexpected ending, Kat.

The food here is great, cc. The tables are far enough apart that quiet conversations can occur. The stairways have been closed off for a while; the upstairs is being used for storage :(


I didn't know that the upstairs was open for seating now. I haven't been here in awhile, so it's time for a revisit. I have gotten party trays of noodles in the past. The steamed rice cake's Chinese name literally translates to white sugar cake. It always makes me think of my dad, because this was one of his favorites.


It's been ages since I've eaten here. Your food pics makes me wanna try them for lunch this week. Portions still look pretty good (as do prices). Are they still offering their peking duck special (i think it was the two course meal or something) -


Ah, I misunderstood. Upstairs is closed off. Bummer. :(


Sorry I was unclear, Sandy; upstairs is used for storage. Now we must go back for noodle dishes...never realized that we had never tried any here. White sugar cake is an excellent descriptive.

The Peking Duck two ways is on the 'Appetizer" section of the regular menu ($40), Faye. I have enjoyed the steamed or fried whole fish lunch special many times (bottom item on the lunch menu), depending on my mood.

Sorry, I added a word to the post, cc.

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