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Thursday, 26 December 2019



:( (insert poo emojji here)


:( bummer


Oh my CC!

It was quite a disappointment Kat!


That's too bad. I haven't been able to find much good hot chicken outside of Nashville. The closest has been Howling Ray in LA but that line is just too crazy. Belated Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays Kirbie! Hope all is well. Sadly, this just really isn't Nashville Hot Chicken to me......


I laughed out loud when I read the fries were spicier than the chicken. Liberty Station has one too. Wonder if that's any better.


Yeah, those fries were more spicy than the chicken on that visit Junichi. I've heard mixed reactions on Liberty Chick......and it doesn't look like legit hot chicken either.

Norm Man

Be patient, better Nashville Hot Chicken is on the way to San Diego. Read in the Union Tribune that Dave's Hot Chicken (from Los Angeles) is opening in Pacific Beach. The "Dave" of Dave's Hot Chicken is Dave Kopushyan who trained at Thomas Keller's Bouchon restaurant.

Suggestion for Kirk, you have to try the Birria de res Taco with bone marrow at Tuetano Taqueria in San Ysidro, located near the Beyer Street Trolley Station. I hit Mariscos El Pescador food truck and Tuetano Taqueria the same very tasty day.


You mean the 12 restaurant deal Norm (Jim?); yeah, I saw's a wait and see for a chain for me on this one. Pedigree is nice, but... Been to Tuetano once; it was quite good....need to do a follow-up (or two) before I do a post. Happy New Year, hope you have a delici-yoso one!

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