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Saturday, 02 November 2019


Derek R

That sukiyaki and tampura look delicious. And we live up the hill from that shopping center - I'm excited to hear something Korean is going to end up there. That little strip mall could use some TLC/updating.

Derek R

I also saw that Pokirrito (next to Riki Raki) is being replaced by Yasai (which is supposed to be a Vegan Japanese restaurant by the same chef/restaurant group). Hopefully their vegan food is better than Rikiraki's ramen...


that sounds like a lot of tempura you’ve been cooking, hope the weather isn't too warm for all that frying:)


He's just moving on to the latest fad Derek; it's all about concepts with them.

Yes, it's cooled off a lot Kat!

Derek R



Lol Derek.....


Anything will be an upgrade over Pho T Cali (I hope).


I hope so too Junichi!


Thanks for the info about the upcoming replacement for Spice & Soul. People on NextDoor have been speculating about the place and I relayed your info. A Korean restaurant would be welcome news.


I'm just hoping they didn't miss an 'e' at the end of Chef Jun Alnc..... ;o)

Derek R

Sign went up at "Chef Jun." It's going to be a "Sushi and Kappo Restaurant." I'll admit I'm pretty bummed out it's not going to be Korean. The thought of Bibimbap & Bujigee near home was an exciting one =/


Hey Derek - Yes, I saw the sign yesterday. I'll update in an upcoming post.

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