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Sunday, 03 November 2019


Hangzhou Hero

Can't believe I missed your previous posts about the glory of Spam Katsu. Sounds like the best mashup hit since Run DMC and Aerosmith.


The lunch combo at Hinotez looks good. Hope to try it some day. I think I've had either their tonkatsu or sausage curry some years ago. I just read on the Convoy District FB page that Coco Ichibanya will open a location near HIVE next spring.


Better "Walk this way" and get some HH! Sorry, couldn't help myself.....

I'd heard something about that Elle! Thanks for the heads-up. Try the Japanese breakfast at Hinotez....that's when I usually go.


Mmmmmm, curry. If you ever venture up to North County, you might want to try Umi Restaurant in Leucadia. Their curry is pretty good. It's in the old Yu-MI-Ya Sake house location. I would call it Izakaya style, with a small menu.


I'm not well versed on Japanese curry, but how about Niban?


Thanks for the recommendation Kerri! I might try and visit during weekend lunch!

Wow, Niban....haven't been there in ages Sandy. Time for a revisit I guess.


thick pasty curry :(


Definitely not a fan of that texture Kat!

Derek R

Looks like CoCo Ichibanya is coming to SD/Convoy.


Yes, I wonder who that "tipster" was? ;o)


Hinotez is my favorite Japanese curry in SD too. The Kanazawa style curry at Yakyudori was a little too sweet for me. Prefer the Go Go Curry version in OC. Okan and Ichiro both have decent home-style versions too.


I was thinking about getting the curry at Okan; but just kinda ran out of time/energy Junichi!


Cocos ichibanya in San Diego is not as good as Irvines. I was waiting for cocos ichi to open up in San Diego and they have been here awhile now and haven't got the sauce right. Maybe it's a hit or miss because sometimes everything was great. Perhaps it depends on the cook and time. Mango lasso is better at Irvine too and you get more at Irvine.


Hi Steven - Thanks for taking the time out to comment! I'm wondering if you read my post on CI:

Agreed that at this time they aren't as good as other locations

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