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Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Derek R

Did you see that Pho T Cali off Convoy is closed for renovation/a change of ownership. Looks like a modern Vietnamese/pho concept place by the folks who own Phuong Tran. "PT Eatery."

Derek R

And as someone who has spent the majority of their life in SD (98%) - I really miss the consistently good pho in Denver. I have no idea how SD can get it so wrong so often =/


bad pho :(


Hi Derek - Yes, I saw that when driving by; didn't have time to stop though....I'll do that shortly. Thanks for the heads-up. As for the state of pho in San Diego??? Not so good these days.....

More like "sad pho" Kat! Not up to par.....


I wonder if it's just bad chefs or catering towards local tastes.


I think it's catering to local taste Junichi because a majority of pho shops make their pho this way nowadays.


I have been itching to try dem bones at Pho Duyen Mai since reading about it in that post! Were they still on the menu? Do you think they use the broth from night before (for early customers the next morning). I was wondering if that was what accounted for the extra salt/sweet taste of it.


Hi Faye - They still have the rib bones available as a side order; look for it posted on the cashier counter. I know many Pho recipes has rock sugar or something similar as an ingredient. Unfortunately, I think most places use regular white sugar, which combined with MSG and charred onions/shallots can make things really sweet

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