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Tuesday, 22 October 2019



glad you are back online, definitely know how helpless one feels without it.


We've become so tied to technology Kat!


Digital detox is actually a thing nowadays. I still enjoy reading books in physical form too.


Those truffles. oh my, those truffles.


I'm glad that you and Cathy are not influencers by posting Instagrammable photos! This blog is a wonderful resource, and I like reading your viewpoints.


I love the smell and feel of a new book in my hand Junichi!

Lol Dereck - It was from Alliance in Paris:

We just like to eat and travel and post about it Sandy! Thanks as always for commenting!


Love the cool places you travel to!


I love how real you and Cathy are with your posts. No ass kissing "sponsored/media/wine and dine the influencer" posts. You all visit more than once so it's not just a one off post either. More validity that way.


Thanks Soo!

We just go out there and eat CC! Thanks as always!


Thank you for sharing your food and travels. I can’t remember how I came by your site many years ago (maybe it was the kalua pork recipe), but it’s been wonderful. A great read, and source of ideas for places to eat; be it in SD or abroad. Thanks!

Lynnea Fleming

You do a great job of keeping us all abreast of the “real” San Diego food scene…the places we are actually all interested in…:) so thank you for all your hard work over the years!


Thanks so much Lynnea! Hope all is well.


Thanks so much for the kind words Greg!

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