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Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Derek R

That egg was absolutely beautiful. Once upon a time I used to eat sandwiches at that location too


hope they can make a go of it


That egg was really good Derek. I'm not 100% sold on the place though.....will probably wait a few months then check back.

I hope so too Kat!


I drove by the other day and saw the change. Was wondering how it was. Too bad the pho doesn't measure up to its neighbors. Did you take a pic of the menu?


I actually have a paper copy of the menu Junichi....let me get that.


That's great you got a discount. Bummer they don't season the pork chops enough.

Derek R

Kirk, who has the best pho north of the 8 and South of the 52 these days?


Hopefully they'll improve a bit Soo.

That's a pretty tough question Derek. The best bowl I've had recently was at Pho Hoa:

Pho Hiep was ok as well.. Duyen Mai used to be ok; but I've heard they've gone downhill. Sadly, the Clairemont/Kearny Mesa area seems to be a pho wasteland.


I was wondering about Pho Tommy since there hasn’t been a Yelp review yet. Glad you reviewed it. It seems like an odd place to have a restaurant and always looked empty.. I may try that place soon.

I also think Pho Hoa has one of the best pho. And it’s the closest to me. Your “fastest pho in the west” post drew me in hahaha


Check them out and let me know what you think Denver! Now that the weathers cooler; I'll have to "make the rounds" of pho shops!


So I tried Pho Tommy yesterday..You nailed it on the head. The place is set up in a haphazard way. At first I thought they were closed but it was only 5:30p. A lot of the chairs were stacked on tables. Some of the open tables had junk on them like the we’re working on things. I was also the only customer at the time and I almost left right right away because the guy working there didn’t notice me or acknowledge me after a while. But chose to stick around.

Got the broken rice and grilled chicken. Was decent. The whole dining experience was awkward with being the only customer there at a restaurant that is clearly struggling. Even being the only customer, the guy working there seemed distant. You would think being a new restaurant, he would put more effort.

Unfortunately I give this place 2 months. I think the location isn’t the best, plus there are two other Pho places in walking distance. It’s unfortunate because it would be good have more dining options. Too band they couldn’t move into the old dim sum place close by but that would’ve put them next door to Pho Hoa


It's going to be a tough go for them Denver! Thanks for the update!

Vu T

Been here a few times now. The place has some pretty good food. I believe after 8pm, it turns into a quan nhau( drinking food) spot with music and karaoke. I tried their Nhau food and they are all delicious. I also tried their pho, hu tieu, and bun bo, but they were ok, although some of my friends say it’s the best tasting pho and bun they have eaten. I guess everyone has different taste in good. I’m actually going tonight to see if I can get their goat hotpot and drink some beers.


Thanks for recommending the "beer dishes" at Pho Tommy Vu. I'll check that out. I found most everything else fairly mediocre.

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