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Monday, 16 September 2019



Haha, I experienced lackluster service there. Food was pretty average with a long wait during brunch last year.




Meh. We have a $50 gift card we haven't used & 12ish family members who have tried didn't care for it. Felt it was over priced for what you get.

Derek R

Also, how was the actual corn beef?


I just wasn't impressed at all Elle.

I know CC...bummer.....

Hi Derek - The corn beef; what there was of it, was chopped into smallish chunks and was quite bland.




Hopefully the revamped Bay Hill Tavern across the street is better.


I was very disappointed Kat.

Hi Junichi - BHT was super packed when I drove by yesterday. So, we'll see how the food is.


We've been to the one in La Mesa three times and each time the service was great but the food was meh. I don't know what the issue is with that place, but it appears it's a systematic problem.


That's a bummer James......though it's interesting that a lot of folks commenting kinda have the same opinion. I guess it's not just me.

Christina C

I've tried the La Mesa location a couple of times. Just kinda blah, lots of better places and at a better price point. Overall my rating is Meh.


That kind of seems to be consensus here Christina.


I went to the one in Little Italy for brunch recently and saw that they use a bottled Tabasco brand bloody mary mix for their hyped bloody marys. For me, that spoke volumes.


Lol Jack....that sure does!

Fat Killer

Brohan - I see you never tried the flat breads. That’s what to get here


OK FK....perhaps a revisit is due.

Fat Killer

Brohan - I’m here tonight you will totally drool over the truffle pizza

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