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Sunday, 29 September 2019



The floats are looking great so far! I always look forward to the Sikh float and Trader Joe's.

I like your "method" of choosing where to eat...random stops are the best!


I always learn something from the Sikh float, cc. Seeing the Trader Joe's-recognized the general design is similar to some floats from years ago; it will be magnificent! More interesting about small eateries in the LACounty area is 'Pastrami' on almost all of the signage and menus.


Floats look great! Thanks for the lovely photos!


"Non hipster" open kitchen...yes. Old diners are the best.


floats look great as well as your breakfast!


My pleasure, Soo. We enjoy seeing and sharing the progress.

Hamburger Depot really is an old diner, cc-the ordering counter definitely looks as if it used to have seating. The customers looked like they walked from the neighborhood. Must try a burger next time.

Only two more official Road Tests left, Kat- it's coming down to the wire! Should be a great parade. Food was wonderful!

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