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Tuesday, 06 August 2019



great prices and the food looked delicious!


My morning yogurt suddenly looks terrible in comparison to those tacos! Interesting business arrangement with City Tacos (which I've never been to), so that would explain the El Cajon location's business hours.


Tacos sound tasty. I'll have to make the drive out there.


The prices were the first reason we were unafraid to stop and try, Kat...but the fresh made everything will keep us going back!

I laughed about your sad yet healthy breakfast, Sandy. The menu at City Tacos is a bit more expanded, but I see no reason to go there now that I know about TNT; the base of the ingredients.

Really great, Soo. You just have to get there sometime during the five hours it's open.


The prices here are better than those hipster taco joints


It's great that people don't think of anything in El Cajon as 'hipster', cc. Fewer crowds, better prices and fresh, well executed food.


Great report Cathy! Keep up the wonderful work!


How nice of you, RD. Thanks!


I agree fresh tortilla is amazon, especially corn.




So true, Bill; the corn tortilla is what got me. Good to see you back!

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