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Thursday, 22 August 2019



everything looked nice!


Yay, it is the return of the fish carcass! I am curious about the basturma...

Nice find. I liked that you explained the regional fifferences between the falafels


The beef kabob sandwich looks great!


It was all really good, Kat.

Ah yes, whole fish carcasses take special photography skills, cc; the pompano is particularly easy to detach from its skeleton. If, for some reason, they do away with breakfast, both City Bistro and Valley Foods Market (across the street) have basturma as a breakfast meat. Yes, there are many types fo falafel; it was nice to see a variety offered (but I must admit that the Lebanese -fava beans with chickpeas- is my favorite; smooth and tasty).

The kabob was great, Soo- moist, properly flavored with fresh herbs and spices and all of the condiments in a fresh baked bread made it just so very perfect.


Another great post. Thanks!


Thanks, RD. It is a very good restaurant.

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