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Tuesday, 27 August 2019


Derek R

I could go for a Chicago dog right now... Have you ever had the one from "Daddy's Dogs" on University? It's a pretty solid effort (and their other dogs are good too!)


Hi Derek - Haven't had the Chicago Dog from Daddy's yet. In fact, I haven't been there in ages:

I gotta get back one of these days.


Good looking dog! Bummer the duck was no good.


It's a "little" cooler today!


bummer the duck was rubbery


Yeah, I'm done with trying that Soo!

A little Junichi.....a little!

It was a bummer Kat!

Kenneth Bonus

I'm staying cool by reading your post while sitting next to the A/C vent. Safety first.


Lol! Yes (and comfort) first!


The duck leg in mi vit tiem at Minh Ky can be kinda dry too :( I vaguely remember Yum Cha Cafe having a decent version with more than one piece of meat! I don't think anything replaced that location after it closed down.

Som Tommy

I think Tim Ky has gone down hill over the last year


Hi Elle - Nice to hear from you, hope all is well. That duck leg at Tim Ky was worse than anything I've had at Minh Ky. I drove past Thuan Phat last week and the Yum Cha Cafe spot is still vacant; though there's a new Pho place in the old Farm Market location.

Hi ST - That's kind of sad. I've gotta return and get my usual from there.

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