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Saturday, 24 August 2019



yummy! I think we have a somi somi here in hawaii too.


I remember seeing their sign at the trash can, "Please do not take the bingsoo bowl". They have some nice flavor combos for the drinks.

The ube matcha soft serve swirl is really pretty. I like that the ice cream cone can be served upside down. Holding it as a cone may look "cute for the gram" (ha ha) but it is more bothersome, at least for me.


Somi Somi is a great concept, Kat; I do like a fresh made waffle and the soft serve is a bonus. You should try it!

Oh, Caffé Bene had some problems, cc- The trash cans are the same, but the Bingsoo bowls are larger from Sul & Beans; theft would be obvious. The beverage choices are interesting and tasty. I'd rather eat the waffle cone separately with its filling and then taste the soft serve (black sesame and also banana are flavors I would like to try).


Love Somi Somi, it's one of the only "ice cream" places I go where a cone is non-negotiable, you must get it. I think it's also pretty amazing that it's become such a hit across the board, don't think I could've imagined as a kid lining up and wanting Sweet Potato flavored ice cream :).


Very true, Loren! I do know that there have been cravings for the 'cone only' at times, but then there's a flavor never thought of, just waiting to be tried.

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