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Monday, 12 August 2019



nice comparisons.


Thanks Kat!


The Reader article was a great one! Is there a restaurant with dishes like Mandarin Garden? I liked that place.


Hi Soo - Man, a menu like Mandarin Garden? Without the Su Cai/Shanghainese style food? Maybe Yenchim, if they are still around. Chin's used to serve some of that stuff....some folks told me Chun's also serves that style of food; but I've heard some not so good reviews form my friends.


Wow Mandarin Garden. Used to go there growing up. I was so sad when it sold. If you combine the best parts of each bowl you'll have a winner!


Mandarin Garden; quite a blast from the past Junichi! Those chopsticks really got my attention. You're right; combine components of each bowl and I'd have a definite favorite!


Great post!


Thanks RD!


That's pretty funny that Mandarin Garden chopsticks ended up at Trieu Chau! Many, many many years ago, Mandarin Garden was more of your typical Cantonese restaurants. Somewhere along the way, they added dishes from other Chinese regions.


That might be before my time in San Diego Sandy. Those chopsticks really did get my attention though.....funny what things we run in to.

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