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Sunday, 25 August 2019



See that Yogurt Mill tower brought back memories from the late 80's. During our college days, my best friend and I would make the long trek (for us South Bay girls) to El Cajon to visit our favorite, but now defunct record shop, Blue Meannie. We would see the Tower on our way to the record store. Frozen yogurt was also a big novelty back then. Nice to know this store is still there.

Mom and Pop places are the best! That was quite a bit of food and yay for not being charged extra for avocados too.


A landmark, cc!. It's so great that the building is still used and that frozen yogurt is still so popular. Ol' Rodeo is a wonderful place-the meats are high quality and the small kitchen puts out high quality; better than a lot of taco shops.


I have driven by lots of times but never stopped. Thanks for showing me what it's like inside. I'll give the tacos a try next time I'm over there. Leaning Tower looks great!


nice that the two shops are next to each other!


It's really small, Soo. The food is quality, which is all that matters. Everyone working is really nice.

It's nice to be able to park once and get a meal and a treat out of it, Kat.


Aww lots of memories there ❤️


Our first visit to the Yogurt Mill was right after our first visit to 'your' Vietnamese restaurant which had been there for so long, YY. That little block is kind of the 'center' of El Cajon to us.

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