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Tuesday, 20 August 2019



Wow. That must have been quite the emotional hit. I even feel it in my stomach.


The town you visited really does look like it came from a fairy tale/story book. Quite charming! Man, I just got the chills when I read about the "coincidence".

Kenneth Bonus

Cue the Twilight Zone music.....


Whatever demons AB had, he sure knew his food and obviously chose a good place for what ended up being his final meal. While I obviously don't know him, I would like to think that he would have appreciated the Mrs enjoying that meal without knowing any of the background behind it.


wow, eerie


That is spooky indeed - but how comforting to know what great food instincts the Missus has!


It was really creepy Dereck.

Colmar and Alsace as a whole is very colorful and charming CC! And it was such a weird coincidence.

Lol Ken.......cue up the "do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do”

That's an interesting take Jason.....I would hope he'd approve.

Very weird Kat!

She does love Her Choucroute Garnie James.


The buildings sure are cute.


Petite Venise is full of colorful; half-timbered buildings Soo!


I was stunned when I heard AB's passing. It literally felt like I lost a close friend so I can somewhat relate to those who want to retrace his final footsteps.


I know AB was much admired and beloved Junichi. But man, some of those requests by folks were a bit much.....I'll write about those in a future post. I know I felt quite shocked and surprised myself.

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