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Saturday, 31 August 2019



chili fries...oh my!


Great float pics! I can't wait to see the parade on TV. Might even drive up to see the floats this year....

The orange chocolate pastry is one of my favorite items at Cream Pan. You seriously can't go wrong with anything there, but yes...I love how crunchy that pastry is on the outside and the flavor combination is great.


I need to go to Cream Pan to try that orange chocolate pastry! I do wish that the new location was closer to SD ...


The chili fries alone are a meal, Kat. The pastrami is just a 'side order' that you can get on its own and/or add to a sandwich...the combination is decadent. We saw several people sharing the same thing as their lunch.

I really think you need to write a bucket list and then cross off riding a float as well as seeing the floats (and the same float you rode on) in person, cc. Float viewing could be the start of a New Year Resolution of walking over three miles a day. I've only ordered the orange brioche at Cream Pan-soft and citrusy; this crunchy chocolate was a wild and crazy choice and boy is it good!

Sandy-two birds, one stone. The new Cream Pan is only about one mile East of the new location of Brodard! You will have no excuses and instead, many reasons to drive North.


Good to know that the new Cream Pan is near the new Brodard! I am all for "two-fers"! We've gone to Paderia Bakehouse, also in Fountain Valley.

You're right about the bucket list, ha ha. It was quite the experience riding the float and doing the timed "disembarkment" test in case of fire.


Awesome day! Floats are looking good! I miss Porto's. Maybe I can visit next month. That's cool you avoid the traffic on the 5 and go home on the 15 plus you get to visit the Hat.


It is *so* close, cc. Brodard is at the northwest corner of that golf course; that's a signal light. Go East until the next main road/signal light (Harbor) and then it's just north, on the West side of the street. Probably 1.25 miles at the most. Fountain Valley is a nice city.

Thanks, Soo. Portos in West Covina opens at 6:30. If you leave at about 5 a.m., take the 5 to the 57 to the 10 to Sunset, Portos is at the South East corner. You'll be one of the first in line! (and yes, we take the 5 going North and then the 15 South to get home; traffic on Saturdays can be miserable and there seems to be more to see by heading home that way.

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