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Sunday, 04 August 2019



Now THAT was an epic trip. Was pleasantly surprised to be asked to ride on one of the floats for the test. It was definitely a cool experience.

The food stops were also great. Bert and I had gone to that new Porto's several weeks prior and I was excited to return to try new things. That lechon sandwich we shared was so delicious. The meats at the Lao place were also excellent, especially their housemade sausage and jerky.

Enjoyed our road stops and checking out the vintage architecture and cool murals in downtown Pomona. I was glad we were able to try the drinks in smaller form at Iron & Kin (it helps to ask, right!). The owner was super nice and did a great job with the specialty drinks. My favorite was the one with bourbon as well as the matcha mule.

Thanks for the fun trip and for driving as well.


what a great foodie day and a nice experience with the floats!


A great and memorable day, cc. The food-everything we tried-was excellent and 'new' to me; I can't wait to take The Mister and show him things we saw and did. The Matcha was so refreshing on a hot day and each flavor was distinct in the hot beverages-Iron and Kin would be visited daily if I lived closer.

It really was a wonderful day, Kat; seriously great food. The Mister and I have been asked on float test drives before, but I've sort of only written about it once.


Portos maybe my favorite sandwich place ever, and one of my favorite places to eat ever. Their Cubano, their cakes, their coffee, their potato balls and guava/cheese rolls. I haven't had a bad meal at anytime there. I've driven from Downtown LA to go have lunch at their Burbank location only then to drive home to San Diego - worth it (level of worth it depends on traffic)


After doing some Columbo like research on that four lettered site, I read that Cravings changed their format in late May, thus explaining why it no longer had the Costco/warehouse like shelves and format.


The floats are looking great! Thanks for the update! I'm a huge fan of Porto's potato balls:

Laura Monteros

What a trip! The original Porto's in Glendale and the one in Burbank (near my hometown) are always packed. But well worth the wait to get potato balls! If you haven't tried the Tres Leches cake, you must. Porto's version is the best.


I think you may be right, Loren; it was only my second visit ever to Porto's, so the menu is just fascinating and everything so far is wonderful. I do understand your reasoning the Burbank stop; great food, no wifi and a bit of relaxing before hitting the road back home. Cubano-a different sandwich- is on my list now.
The floats and parade are going to be wonderful again this year, Soo. (I linked you in the first float road test post; potato balls are a fascinating little meal.)
You are so fortunate that you can stop at a Portos in almost every neighborhood, Laura. Having the West Covina Portos location just down the street from the float barns Is an added bonus for those early Saturday mornings. Tres leches cake is on my list for purchase after the next Phoenix road test.


I just pulled your Cravings comment from the spam folder, cc. Thanks for the research; I like the 'new' look. Need to go back and eat more in the food court after some shopping, perhaps on a week day.

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