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Sunday, 21 July 2019



:( to that dissing couple


Yes, that was really weird Kat!

Christina C

That couple just sounds gross, sorry you had to even be around them. I could never go to Water's when the siren song of JV's is next door.


It was just kinda strange Christina....I'm sure they thought we couldn't hear them. LOL on the JV's comment!


That's good you got one good sandwich.


Yes, that second sandwich was much better than the first one Soo.


Oh wow, those ladies, that’s terrible!
It makes me feel better about trust and juniper and ivy knowing you’re not a fan, I was feeling a little confused about what I was missing at both!


Hi Jenny - I think the gentleman with the woman was hard of hearing.....but that was so weird. As for Trust and Juniper and Ivy; the last thing I want to do is to discourage you from trying them out. It's just that we thought both places weren't worth the time or the money.....


How places like this have been in business for this long confound me. Wish people like those women were not so common in SD county (and the country).


They have a pretty loyal following RD.


Bummer you had to endure the rudeness.


It wasn't necessarily rude Junichi.....just kind of strange.


Bunch of friends always use Waters to cater but I'm not a fan. If you can't do a turkey sandwich right, well then. And the ambience/ clientele just puts that right over the top.
Also glad to hear I'm not alone on J and I. Tried 4 times and only the first meal was great. Too expensive with lackluster service and I can't figure out the cult following. When I look at chefs Instagram his latest creations are not remotely appealing to me.


Hi Keena - Wow four times! That's quite an investment. Water does have quite a loyal following....not quite sure why; perhaps they've been around for so long and the folks working there seem to be quite nice. Can't vouch for some of the customers though.

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