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Wednesday, 24 July 2019



crossing fingers they survive...


I hope so too Kat!


I loved Tostadas. That owner also owned City Tacos so I'm wondering if this new place is still owned by him? I prefer flour tortillas so the version here looks yummy and homemade. Rib eye & bone marrow tacos sound amazing. How was parking?


I think the owner of City Tacos is a partner at this shop with the person who owns the burrito shop across the street. They don't do the bone marrow version of the tacos. We've always been able to find parking. Also, the Missus prefers the tacos here to City Tacos. Hope you get a chance to check them out.


I'll give them a shot the next time I go to a show at the Observatory.


Check them out Junichi. The cazuela and shrimp tacos were our favorite.


That's interesting how each visit is a real adventure full of surprises.


It's been pretty consistent over the last two visits Soo. Hopefully they've got things better organized now.


I would have thought the ceviche dish should be good as when it was tostadas (same owner I believe). Those tacos do look tasty though and with the wait shorter than sister restaurant City Tacos, I would like to stop there next! Wish we had good taco option in Mira Mesa.


Hi Lynn - After doing some research; the owner of City Tacos is just a partner in this shop. And we prefer it to City Tacos. Give it a shot.

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