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Tuesday, 30 July 2019




Derek R

Dude... that's a damn shame.


I know Kat...sad...

I know's a shame.


I hate when a place closes before I finish and post my review. Last time that happened to me was this little Saigon place in Mira Mesa Mall.


High praise but probably wasn't making enough money. Tacos and margaritas to pull in more locals.


Hi Soo - I'm glad I did an earlier post on the place. Just kinda sad they are closing.

Hi Junichi - Yep.....and it's kind of paints a certain picture of the dining scene in San Diego too.


Bummer, sad these type of restaurants can’t stay open here.


It is RD. The place had its flaws; but some of the items we had were quite good.

Cathy Greene

I only went once--at brunch. I got the chicken tinga tostada. It was terrible. Stale tostada shell, and bland meat--I could do SO much better at my local taco shop, and not pay $18 for the privilege. In fact, I could do so much better with a rotisserie chicken at home. Perhaps I didn't order their best dish, but that plate shouldn't have even been on the menu.


I'm glad I never went for brunch then Cathy.

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