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Thursday, 04 July 2019



Happy 4th to the Mmm-yoso gang! Great post and links Cathy.

Ice cream and all of it's permutations is a must for treating yourself today. I will be making affogato later...gelato and espresso, a good combination, haha


That's one of the places I've been meaning to visit. I usually go to Niederfrank's and get half gallons for $10.


sounds fun and tasty! look forward to seeing your other combinations, happy 4th!


Thanks for the good wishes, cc. Kirk and His Missus and The Mister and I each had an adventurous day. Ice cream was and still is a comfort food. I do like a good affogato.

Oh, Niederfranks has such interesting flavors, Soo. Creamistry is fun, interesting and makes some really good ice cream.

A different concept of making ice cream, kind of a drama watching the preparation, Kat. So many choices; we did not research before dropping in (almost never do) and now that we know what is offered, we will prioritize what we would like to try. (Spent the Fourth at the County Fair)

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