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Monday, 01 July 2019



wow! porto’s looks like a huge place to get nice selections of foods. look forward to your parade float updates as well as the foods you get to try from here.


This Porto's location is huge, Kat- 17,500 square feet inside with another 2500 square feet on the outside patio! Crazy popular, wonderful quality and *no* wifi. We leave at 5 a.m. driving for the floats and that is the reason for two hours each way, but the looking in new-to-us neighborhoods is always fun!


Love Porto’s! Was wondering why it was so empty until you mentioned you were there at 8am.


Because the float road testing begins at 7, we leave East County around 5, make a quick stop at Cream Pan (Tustin) then get to the floats, take photos and enjoy early Saturday, RD. Figured Porto's crowds are heavier on weekends around 9...and it was beginning to fill up when we were leaving. Porto's was just wonderful to enjoy after seeing float building progression.


I *love* Porto's but there are so many choices! BTW this location looks so much bigger than the Glendale spot.


I didn't know that Porto's has a West Covina location (not that it's any closer to SD). Still haven't been to the Buena Park location which is the closest to San Diego. I love those potato balls, which reheat very nicely in a toaster oven.


Since it was our first visit, we tried 'basics' (and enjoyed each one), James. One of the articles I read did say this was the largest store (20,000 square feet of eating space). We've decided we will stop here after float decorating in December- to try the most expensive item on the menu- the $9.50 Grilled Steak Plato.

It's so very close to the float barn, Sandy. I'm already looking forward to the 4 a.m. wake up and July Road Test just to be able to try different items. Haha- reheat- as if those potato balls would make it home...I do like Picadillo and the recipe Porto's uses is great.


Mmm... They need to open a San Diego location. That's great you visited the newest one. Thanks for the cool float info and photos!


Love Porto's. Went to the Downey location and the line was out the door but it moved fast. There was a lot of pressure when it was my turn to order. I think I ordered two of everything.


I've only been to the Burbank location and while it is always busy, the lines move pretty fast. You must try their cream cheese rolls next time! My mouth is watering just thinking of those. I remember someone brought several dozen of those plus their potato ball to a party and it was literally attacked and gone before you knew it!


A sixth location is being planned for Northridge, Soo. The family seems to be staying in Los Angeles County, making it more desirable to us San DIegans. So happy that it is *so* close to the Tournament of Roses/Phoenix Decorating float barn, giving us a reason to drop in.

I felt that pressure, and there wasn't even a line, Kobi! So many choices! There will be a next time soon enough.

Portos started doing mail order/bake at home late last year, cc. Still, getting it fresh-and being able to- is just exciting. I can't wait for the next float road test-to see the floats and then a treat.

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