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Friday, 28 June 2019



next to macy’s is another food court, gotta check it out next time I’m back.

Cathy Greene

We stumbled onto Shirokiya food court when we were there earlier this year. It was a fun discovery--felt like we had experienced a taste of Japan. We had some tasty tempura!


You picked a great spot to have lunch!


I look forward to that post Kat!

Hi CathyG - It's a fun place with a really nice vibe. Glad you got to check it out.

Lots of great spots in HNL Soo!


I need to get back "home"'s been a long time.


Hi Kirk: Yes we normally get lunch at least one day during our annual vacation trip back home at the Shirokiya Food Court. Last time I got a special bento box with a side order of nishime. But my haole girl friend got a cheese burger with fries. I teased her about going all the way to HNL and then her getting a burger. Later in the week, we also stopped to have lunch at Zippy's and she got a choc donut for dessert. My son said why go all the way to HNL for a choc donut instead of at least a apple napple?


Yes, you need to Jack!

Lol! That's really funny Alan! I had some acquaintances go to Kauai for a week and all they ate was haole food too. Never tried any local stuffs, no poke, plate lunch.... Different strokes I guess.

Fred Woo

Shirokiya! We ate there an embarrassing number of times last time we went to Hawaii.


Oops that last comment is me. Wrong autofill selection.


I normally don't do spam but Hawaiian and Okinawan food I make an exception! Those musubi's look tasty.


I know MrZ! Sounds like I should have eaten there.... It's nice ti hear from you. Hope all is well.

They did look good Junichi. Don't forget Korean food (i.e. Kimchi Fried Rice and Budae Jigae) in your Spamiverse!


I had no idea that there was a food court near Macys when I was in Honolulu earlier this year! The Shirokiya food court was great, but I had to walk around twice to narrow down my food choices. And this is in addition to the Makai food court!


Lots of choices at Ala Moana these days Sandy! Here's a link to the Lanai at Ala Moana for your next trip.


Poke looks awesome. Remember watching Worthit on Eater and Ahi Assassins looked good. Have to try this place next time I go back. Foodland is another place I have to try for poke. Everyone raves about Foodland poke.


It depends on which Foodland; not all fish departments are created equal. For example; the Foodland Fish department in Ewa Beach is not very good. Hope you are able to get your fill of Poke in Hawaii Kobi!

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