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Monday, 17 June 2019





At least the chashu was good.


I know; kinda sad Kat.....

At the very, very, very least Soo....


My friend tried it last week and said skip it so I've stayed away. Pretty bad when both noodles and broth don't deliver. I wonder if they got the tsuyu concentrate and forgot to dilute it with water?


Your friend's recommendation was spot on Junichi.


wow, is there such a thing as ramen saturation? we don't have that problem up north...

Derek R

I wish we had a saturation of GOOD ramen LOL


Hi Sandy - Yeah, I think when Hillcrest has 4-5 places serving ramen in a mile-and-a-half radius we're kinda hitting saturation. Where about in North County are you referring to? I can always ask folks I know and go check some places out for you.

I wish Derek......I wish....

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