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Thursday, 27 June 2019



I'll have to try the cream puff next year. The fish and zucchini I tried wasn't very good:


I saw that on your post, Soo. The oil factor usually isn't a problem at the Fair, especially with such volume. We try something new each year along with regular stuff. (I had attached your link to the first paragraph, instead of the bottom of the post; getting all unpredictable with my posts).


I was never a fair lover until I got to SD, but the SD fair is a lot of fun! Thanks for your posts!


everything you ate sounded wonderful, what a great event!


So happy to know I'm an 'influencer' of this American-and local- tradition, RD. I try to share what The Mister and I do as well as inform, because everything has a reason. The Theme this year is quite interesting.
Other than the cheese curds, each these foods are 'regular' purchases at the Fair, Kat-tried and true. We've been back and tried some 'new' (to us) items for the third post. The activities and entries for the Fair make a visit fun and between the snacking.


Thanks for the link! I was distracted by the photos and missed it. I'll concentrate on trying new stuff next year.


No problem, Soo; I know you always attend this traditional event. This year, one of the days we attended was a Thursday, when most food booths offer $3 "Taste of the Fair" samples until 5 p.m.. That may be the best way to try a variety (you'll see in my wrap up post).


We had a fun time at the fair this year. One of our more healthy choices to eat were the Good and Wicked witch toasts at Emerald Farms Eatery. Glad you gave us the heads-up on those. The toasts were pretty good. The alcoholic offeringsfrom Mike Hess Brewery and Ballast Point were pretty good. I was surprised I enjoyed the Wizard of Haze hazy IPA.

Home and Hobby was a little bit more presentable this year especially with the collections. One of my favorites was the purple Tupperware collection and the egg dishes. I still didn't like how the baked goods were displayed along with the quilts and blankets though.

Overall, we enjoyed the sights and the themed displays!


The Emerald Farms Eatery has some great food offerings each year,cc; Fair-themed yet not too wild and crazy. Home and Hobby had a LOT more of the Guilds giving demonstrations again and that is a good thing-showing the HOW of the various crafts. Each area kind of 'changed it up' this year, rearranging displays (chalk art on walls along the Ecke Flower Garden Show, Preserved Foods out on the patio with Table Settings) and it is a good thing.

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