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Sunday, 12 May 2019



some hits & misses but overall looked like a nice meal!

Derek R

The Radish Cake looks delicious!


We really enjoyed our meal Kat!

It's a go-to dish for the Missus here Derek.


We miss SGV too, the food anyway, not the traffic.


Definitely not the traffic seems to get worse every year. We really miss the food though.


It's been many years since I've been to Sea Harbour because I'm not in the area very much. I still remember seeing the health department sign from around 10 years ago. Not A, not B, not even C; there was a handwritten sign 69/100. Despite the poor grade, the place was packed for dim sum, the food was tasty and service was decent.


Haven't had good soy sauce noodles in a while. Maybe I should start making it myself.


I think they actually have an 'A' now Sandy. Checked and they got a 97.

If you make them; steam the noodles instead of boiling before stir frying Junichi!

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