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Wednesday, 15 May 2019


Derek R

I'm sad I didn't go to Sarap while it was around =( I had been wanting to try the Lechon Kawale & crispy pata.




Hi Derek - Why not check out Villa Manila for the crispy pata - haven't been in a while but it used to be pretty good.

Quite pricey Kat!


My visit mirrors yours Kirk, a bit of a mixed bag. I really hope they settle in. San Diego really needs a filipino place where you can have good filipino food while drinking a few San MIgs :)


So much potential Jack! I hope it's not wasted.


Your poke description was great. SD poke, so bland!


is that Bourdain art for sale???


I liked the food at Sarap. I guess I'll have to try this new spot before it becomes something else.


Hmmmm. If they're still around in a few months I may give them a try.


I agree RD!

I dunno Dereck; I didn't ask.

Check them out Soo.

If they are still around in a few months, I'll do a revisit Junichi!


Was interested in the Bicol Express but if it's not even spicy....


Hi Kendi - I think you should check the place out....but it really lacked spice....and the wonderful flavor of bagoong.

Derek R

I'll check out the crispy pata at Villa Manila - thanks Kirk!


no ampalaya in pinakbet is a travesty. san diego is behind in terms of the filipino food movement. hopefully this place will improve


Let me know how you like it Derek!

I was quite disappointed CC!

Derek R

Kirk - off topic but I saw that there's a new halal Chinese place from OC coming to Clairemont (Ma's House). Hoping for some good lamb noodles and dumpling. Makes me think of Jamillah Garden from back in the day by the OG Tajima.


I saw that Derek. I've been to Mas' Islamic in Anaheim:

Derek R

Ha! Thanks for the link - I had missed that one. Hopefully their suan cai yang rou has improved. Regardless, it's nice to see more ethnic Chinese coming to SD.


Hi! I tried Gaya Gaya and linked to your review. Loved the lechon kawali.


Thank Soo! I gotta get back there soon!

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