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Wednesday, 22 May 2019



I always found Dunkin was the other extreme of Starbucks; the latter always charred their coffee but were useful for convenience, the former is horribly weak coffee but useful for their convenience. Never understood east coast love of it but criticizing that was akin to criticizing water ice (in Philly where I used to live) and those were ground for immense pain and torture lol.


The former east coasters I know had always raved about the iced coffee and breakfast sandwiches. I wasn't impressed with their hot coffee, so I never make an effort to go to Dunkin. Now that there's more shops in town, I'd like to try the breakfast items.


Nice roundup of the breakfast items. I haven't tried their food before. I remember you tried their pretzel bread croissants before (not sure if it is still offered). Their donuts are too soft for my liking but maybe a revisit is in order to try those breakfast foods.


Preferring un-sweetened coffee, maybe with a splash of heavy cream, I am painfully aware each business offers a different version of this 'basic' choice, Loren. I can tolerate the dark roast (only) from each of those places and don't notice the 'burned' nor the weak flavors if I stick with the dark roast. Dunkin' is more of an East Coast staple and the USA is becoming homogeneous, so it's good that those people who have moved here can experience their favorite flavors.

It's good my client chose to give me the gift cards, or I may not have made an effort, Sandy. As with just about any restaurant, there are some good choices on the menu...and the menu changes every few months; there had been a (small) waffle sandwich late last year.

I loved the pretzel croissant, cc!-(sadly not on the menu any more, but maybe it will come back). As I mentioned, the cake donuts and holes are the best, none which appear to have been fried are very good (not even the crullers). The breakfast menu is served all day, so it's easy (and inexpensive) to try.


I need to brave the parking at the one in Hawaii, so I can check their menu out.


It's interesting that it's called dunkin there. I had read an article a year or two ago about them changing the name, however, a new one is going up near me (east coast for comparison) and they just added the signage: Dunkin Donuts. I was very surprised that "donuts" was part of it. Maybe it has something to do with being a co-branded location with Baskin Robbins (as most are in my area)?


I never tried their breakfast. It looks pretty good.


Even if you only get a simple (egg and cheese) sandwich (on whatever carb offered), it's pretty good, Kat. However, I didn't even mention the beverages- there are hot, iced and frozen selections...many flavor combinations. Even at Starbucks, I will order a latte or Frappuccino once every few months, if even that often, so I didn't pay attention to that part of the menu but do see a majority of people with beverages only.

I'm surprised, too, h. The only (company co-owned) Baskin/Dunkin in the County is in Ramona-I'll have to drive back and check. You might notice some of the paper goods in the photos (as well as the extra napkins I brought home) still have 'Donut' as part of the logo.

Breakfast menu is served all day, Soo! It's nice to be able to grab a fresh made, reasonably healthy and inexpensive snack/meal.

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