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Sunday, 26 May 2019



Hello from Canada. I’m a longtime lurker and first-time commenter. I’m so intrigued by the menu here (looking hungrily at the Greasy Pesto Brick - what a name!) and everything that was ordered looks delicious. I’d be really interested to see another post on this place to see if they add more Korean items and are able to sustain the quality.


looks like a nice variety of things to try!


A great new find Cathy! I'll have to check it out once I'm on summer break. The sourdough brick with toppings sounds good. Not sure if I would like the vinegar drinks though.


Welcome to this side of the blog, Alex! Yes, what an interesting name-and Signature item, considering Brick Bowl is the Spa's restaurant! The Mister and I will definitely be returning to try more of the menu.

A nice variety and such an interesting concept, Kat. Not all wild and crazy, but healthy-good without pretension.

Brick Bowl has been open since September, cc, and I've seen no other blog posts; only local news articles (Sandiegoville and Reader) and only happened to notice it on that December 'calendar search' day. The food here is so fresh and each meal has been a great experience. The vinegar is subtle and kind of complimentary...sparkling water makes it fancy.{We first tried a drinking vinegar sample at HMart and bought it because on sale and in the summer started adding our Sodastream water to it and now like just the vinegar with the sparkling water on hot days}


Those pan fried dumplings look good!


Excellent flavors with great quality, Soo. Pretty darn sure they are made here.


I haven't been at this end of Convoy Street in awhile, but this strip mall looks pretty new. Very intriguing menu - I want to try it soon.


It had been a Tile/Flooring Store, Sandy; I think they footprint was does look new. The food is quite wonderful. A regular Brick can be shared, but the $6 Special of a Lite Brick and vinegar drink is plenty for one person.


Interesting, I’d heard of this place but never really thought to try it (don’t know why) until your post. Thanks again for taking the time to make these posts!


Well, the name kind of sounds like strange tableware and only one type of food style, RD, so I don’t blame you. I've taken to writing down places to check out later and am glad I did notice the signage and did finally go back; Brick Bowl is really good. (Thank you; I usually am able to help Kirk more but the early part of this year was filled with distractions.)

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