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Friday, 10 May 2019



bummer about the food, but what a great view!


Alaska sure is lovely! Oscar picked a good spot for his house.


Fishiness as in past shelf life, or some other fish taste? I love runny yolks, but have had so many over the past few years that just tasted off, I have kind of moved to more cooked.

Kenneth Bonus

Per several seemingly reliable sources on the Net (various sites related to raising poultry), the fishy flavor comes from a chicken diet that is high in Omega-3s. This is supposed to be good for you, despite the off flavor. It's tough to get a good meal anywhere in Alaska, but easy to get a great view!


The views are outstanding Kat!

It sure is Soo!

I'm sure it's got to do with diet Dreck.

Thanks for the info Ken. I've noticed that higher quality eggs usually do not have that fishiness. Also, eggs outside the US; at least the places we've been to don't either.


Love the tourist trap sign in the window!


They've got a great sense of humor Junichi! Darwin's Theory was a lot of fun!

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