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Friday, 31 May 2019



Thanks for the fair preview! I'm gonna try out the food next week. :-)


I read the menu of one of the eating places inside the Ecke Garden Show area, Emerald Farm Eatery, and it looks good, with Oz-theme choices, just not wild and crazy fried Fair food, Soo. We will probably wait a week or so before going the first time this year.


Look forward to your fair posts every year!


Thanks, RD. I'll have two more posts- During and After the Fair. If you look at prior posts, you'll see we tend to go to 'usual' booths and then try one or two 'new' items each year. Because there was more of an emphasis on 'unicorn' foods last year and I've seen a few 'Oz-centric themed offerings this year, those will be part of the posts.


looks like it will be a fun event.


I think it will be, Kat. The Fair attracts about 1.6 million visitors and is the largest event in San Diego County. The coordination of the theme with decor and food choices shows a determination to not keep it 'the same' every year and children attending will have different memories.


I am so excited about this year's fair! I love the "Oz" theme and it looks like Home & Hobby got their act together after last year's poorly displayed exhibits. Thanks for always previewing the fair for us readers. :)


I'm more interested in this year's Fair, too, cc! I think maybe the whole 'Sweet' theme of last year and thought of candy everywhere was off-putting. Home and Hobby had new people working/in charge last year and some of the changes made then worked, other changes didn't and this year there is a happy medium.

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