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Tuesday, 16 April 2019



that challah looked so good!


I tried their french baguette but I prefer Bread & Cie.


I like how spacious they are now. I've been wanting their banana chocolate chip bread but it is always gone whenever I've visited. Their scones are huge.


The challah was really wonderful, Kat..soft, eggy, buttery and raisin filled; it made some great French Toast at the end.

The baguettes used for sandwiches are very good, Soo. Buying from the actual Bread & Cie Bakery is always good; not when it's being sold in some grocers. I think I need to do a side by side!

The new rebuild is wonderful, cc. So many different, well made breads and bakery items are sold here; it reminds me of my childhood neighborhood-fresh bread and sweets daily.

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