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Thursday, 11 April 2019



A loco moco scale! Love it. So glad I found your blog. Keep up the great work.


at least you got your fix!


Thanks so much RD! And additional thanks for commenting!

Yes, I did get me fix Kat. Guess I'm good for a few months now. ;o)


I am tempted to try their cakes but it looks like the cheapest ones are over $50...


They sell mini-cakes for $6.50 Soo. You can try one of those.


They're usually closed by the time I get off work. Maybe on a Saturday I'll stop by sometime.

Derek R

I forgot that place exists - always have intended to try it. A moco actually sounds really good right now...


Yeah, I can only make it on Saturdays myself Junichi. Not sure it's worth a special trip - unless you want some cake.

Time to get your fix Derek!


This post led me to make a loco moco at home using trimmings from a 73 day dry aged rib subprimal. It was great with a demi gravy and perfectly crispy, runny yolk egg!


Sounds great Dereck! Here's my Wagyu Locomoco with Veal-Porcini Pan Sauce and Shaved Truffle

Derek R

Dude - you guys are killing me with these fancy Moco's!


We're just getting a bit more "loco" Derek.....

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