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Wednesday, 20 March 2019



Aww, thank you Kirk. Nice to have you down in the South Bay too!

I didn't realize they offered bun cha ha noi here, but seeing your post, it seems mediocre. My latest obsession is bun rieu, but they don't really offer that soup at many of the VN shops down here (except PCD and their version was quite tame).

Derek R

This post/the state of pho in San Diego makes me sad =(


My pleasure CC! 13 years is a long time!

I know Derek. It's kind of depressing.


At least they have individual cuts of beef to choose from. Went to a pho shop in AZ recently the choices were beef, chicken, shrimp and tofu.


Sounds like AZ to me Junichi! ;o)




Yeah, not terrible, but not good Kat!

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