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Thursday, 07 March 2019


Derek R

Bummer =( I wonder what's going to be the next "cool thing" after ramen hits critical mass?


Maybe something like DanDan Noodles/Liang Mian or I think a tapas style presentation might be great Derek. Of course wouldn't it be great if something like pickled herring was the next big thing? Or maybe CBD food? Or something simple like cabbage?

Derek R

"Kimchi Avocado TOAST" shops galore LOL. I wish we could brainwash the system and make NRM the next "cool" (and hopefully properly prepared) thing. I miss Shanghai City!

I must admit I wouldn't mind having more good places for Liang & DanDan Mian.


I haven't been able to bring myself to visit here, especially with Menya just across the street. I've heard similar bad reviews from my friends who've been. It's too bad.


I'll be on the look-out for "KAT" Derek! ;o)

It was kind of sad Kirbie.


I also read the description on their website and became immediately suspicious. Hakata ramen was invented in the 40s. Not sure what recipe was passed down his family for centuries. Also their Japanese name based on the Chinese characters "should" be Isshindo. Not sure what Isshido is. Also the menu written on the wooden signs has a few quirks. For example the karaage/fried chicken is referred as furai kichin (fried kitchen?) when it should be furai chikin.

Bummer about the oden. I was really looking forward to that over the ramen. I can make a better version at home.


That's really strange Junichi. I had heard that the owners are really Chinese, which means...... And that oden was terrible.


When you have Menya across the street, that's a tough act to follow. Hopefully they get their act together.


I tried to visit Isshido around dinner time on their first day, but saw someone get turned away by employees inside. My friend and I ended up going to Tim Ky instead. Then, my friend said the same person who was turned away earlier was dining there too! Haha.

I like Menya Ultra, but the lines are so long at both locations. I hope they will add their limited curry ramen to their main menu eventually.


:( x2


We'll see Jason....hopefully they will get things straight.

In my opinion Isshido really isn't worth the wait Elle. But I do hope you get to try them out.

This was really disappointing Kat.


Well that's good the chicken was moist...


Kudos for finding the smallest silver lining Soo!

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