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Monday, 11 March 2019



wow... glad this one actually passed especially with the egg.


No kidding...UGH...another cold egg. WTH ;-)


I tried their tonkotsu on opening day thinking it was their signature bowl. I thought it was ok. Looks like the shoyu is the way to go. Now I need to plan another visit. Parking is horrible in that area. Could explain why there are no lines.

Derek R

Wow - that's a lot of positives from the imfaous Mr. Mmmyoso! Too bad it's in Hillcrest - I hate the parking and especially hate the parking on that specific street (Great Wow Dumplings is a couple buildings away right?). Still... I may have to brave the parking for a bowl of the shoyu!


I like the looks of the karage.

Som Tommy

Glad you liked it.


Thanks for the recommendation on the shoyu! Perhaps while tonkotsu versions might be hitting peak saturation in SD, there's still a lot of room for good shoyu versions.


I went to the one in Irvine a few times. When they first opened, the tonkotsu was some of the best I've had, though my more recent visits the last 2 years it wasn't quite as rich (though still fairly good). I'm excited to try the sd location.


It sure did Kat!

Lol Billy!

Check out the Shoyu Junichi and let me know what you think.

Lol Derek! Is that my reputation? It is located on the same block as Dumlpings n' More (aka Great Wow). Parking is a pain.

The karaage is decent Soo.....the ramen is the star.

I did ST!

Hi Jason - I think there's always room for good tonkotsu; it just that I enjoyed the shoyu significantly more.

Hi Kirbie - I enjoyed the Shoyu ramen here more than the tonkotsu. Check them out when you have a chance and can find parking! ;o)


"What I find interesting is that HiroNori decided to enter the ramen market in one of the most ramen dense area in San Diego"

I think it is a smart strategy. Put yourself right where potential customers will find you. Seems to work on Convoy. Let's hope that they can bump up the quality around there.


You left out this part of the sentence alnc - "one that is not very discriminating."
And then the following:
"It will be an interesting study to see how they do with all of a competition."


Kirk, you seemed to like the ramen, and thought the others weren't so good. From that I was saying that if you put something better in the middle of some mediocre restaurants, that they would feel the competition and improve their game, which would be good for all.


Hi alnc - So we'll see what happens....I'm hoping they do well. Because even in places around Kearny Mesa this doesn't always work out.... Hope you get to check them out and let me know what you think.

Derek R

LOL Kirk! One of my favorite things about how you blog is that you don't sugarcoat your comments and hold restaurants to a fair/reasonable standard (which is extremely helpful as a reader). Keep it up bruddah.


Well thank you Derek!


Wow! I'm actually intrigued :D I honestly haven't tried any of the new ramen places that are littering the streets of San diego these days :( I just can't bring myself to try any of them(I just know they can't come close to tasting like ramen in Japan). I always end up go to Santouka, if at all. But I might actually have to give this place a try! :) thanks for posting about it!


That shoyu ramen was quite good Lynnea. Check them out.

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