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Wednesday, 13 March 2019



Thanks for the link! Furaido is currently my fav spot for chicken wings. I do agree they require one of the seasonings for flavor.


My co-worker was raving about this place. Good thing they open early. I heard it gets crowded during lunch.


Not my favorite version of KFC Soo.....though I have my preferences and of course having been to Seoul.....

I'm not a big fan Junichi. But; if you like thickly battered chicken.....


Nice way to slip in the Bronco Burger secret sauce reference from one of the best movies of all time!

This place is so far. Those wings looks mega dry :(


Oh well, at least you have lots more options as KFC
Seems to be having a moment in SD. Guess you won’t be back to Atlas anytime soon but I quite like Bon Ja and Wow wa, the 2 other Korean
Food stalls there. Anyhoo thanks for the review.




I just went to Rice Chicken a few days ago and I like their version of rice flour batter much better. It's much lighter, not as crumbly hard and is seasoned.


I knew you'd enjoy that CC!

Looks like KFC is the latest thing RD.

Not very good Kat!

Sounds good Kirbie!


Oh no. My eyes always light up when I see jurassic wings. The wings looked so dry in your photos. And you got there early too so not sure how'd they over fry (you'd think they'd be more aware). I don't usually like glaze/sauce on my wings but will take that into consideration when we visit here.


There are folks who like their wings that way Faye. Check them out!


ICYMI - Atlas Market closed a few weeks ago.

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