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Monday, 11 February 2019



How the mighty have fallen, had fond memories of going to Yamadaya during their hopeful beginnings. It's too bad they slid downhill so badly.


Hi Jason - This was really disappointing.


I believe the downtown location of Yamadaya is now Yamachan as well. Guess I'll skip trying it.

Maybe it's something like the Yamadaya owners withdrew but the employees/investors decided to keep the locations?


I remember when this place still did ok (we haven't re visited in years). Agreed that their lack of discretion with the frozen dumplings is pretty weak. Do they still offer the fresh garlic and garlic press to add to the ramen?


Something like that Derric....though it's not even as good as my last; not-so-great visits to Yamadaya.

I think they now charge fifty cents for garlic Faye. Not sure if it's fresh garlic either.



Derek R

Yamadaya used to be a favorite for me and I counted their broth among the best in SD but that was ages ago. I stopped going when the broth got cold & I saw roaches in the kitchen (different visit).


Bummer. o_0


Very sad Kat!

Yikes Derek!

It was CC.


That's too bad it seems only the name changed.


And if anything has gotten worse Soo.


Yamadaya was pretty bad towards the end. To be worse than that is depressing.


it was pretty sad Junichi.

Allen Mota

Just some info : the new restuarant Yamachan is a completely different owner. Yamadaya at the end got bad because of how bad our management became. The new owner is trying very hard to improve and make Yamachan a top competitor! He is adding new stuff to the menu and tinkering with the soup daily so don't count them out yet !! I use to work at Yamadaya and come to eat at Yamachan often!


Well, that's nice Allen. You might want to tell them not to bring out that Shirakiku Frozen Gyoza bag from the freezer when folks order gyoza. Based on my visit, Yamachan has a long way to go. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Kim k

Hate to tell you this but almost ALL the restaurants in Clairemont, and pacific beach use freezer gyoza ..... my experience here was great ! I loved the food and the service , it’s all a matter of opinion . I appreciate the fact that they pan fry the gyoza too over just dropping it in a fryer or microwaving it like most other places do !


I know this Kim.....but they just did it so strangely publicly. BTW, I find it kind of strange that you have the same IP address and email as "Allen Mota".....hmmmm..... Yes, it's all a matter of opinion and this is mine. I do/have eaten a bit of ramen; you can check that category list if you like.

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