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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Derek R

I spent some time in Shenyang & these definitely bring me back - the prices not so much though - like you said, DTF prices. Speaking of DTF - the Mrs. and I went for lunch on Monday & at 1pm they had stopped taking reservations cause they were booked for the day (and Dumpling Inn is closed Mondays so no XLB for us =(


That's a bummer Derek! Try these folks out and see how you like things.

Derek R

Kirk - have you tried the dumplings at JoYee's yet? I know Kathy did a post awhile ago but don't think I've seen you do one. Their dumplings have been a bit inconsistent but when they're good they're really good!




Seems to be not too harmonious.

Nicole B

Yummm we were at California for the weekend and envy all the delicious Asian foods. Our go-to dumplings around here are the Bibigo from Costco. :P Hope all is well!


Yikes for over $1 a pot sticker you'd think they are prepared properly.


I did once Derek. I need to do a couple of follow-up visits before posting.

Not that bad Kat....just not consistent.

Lol Billy!

Congratulations Nicole! It nice to hear from you as well.

We're entering DTF prices Junichi!


That's too bad about the guotie. =(


Yeah, they need to work on their consistency a bit Kirbie.

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