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Saturday, 16 February 2019



The biancoverde is my favorite - and that bread is soooo good!


The bread is definitely so good James!


Triple carbs! Love it.


glad these places were still delicious:)


And just perfect Junichi, right? Just another version of ramen, rice, and gyoza! ;o)

We were too Kat!

Derek R

Finally got to try Aqui es Texcoco. Got a lamb plate (we liked the rib/head meat best) and a lamb mixo. Also got a squash blossom qusadilla which was a winner (and the consommé alone was worth the trip). Will definitely be back. Now we need to give Fernandez a try.

Derek R

That Nduja has also been on the "to try" list for too long too.


Glad you enjoyed Aqui es Texcoco Derek! Lvoe the tortillas there as well as the Plato Azteca and of the the mixiote. Have fun with your explorations.

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