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Sunday, 03 February 2019



I was in downtown LA for work recently, and visited Little Tokyo for the very first time. I missed the Ellison Onizuka memorial, and did not have time to eat at any of the restaurants, but I did buy some mochi from Fugetsu-do! The traffic to LA was brutal; I'm seriously thinking of taking the train next time.


it’s great you visited the memorial, I didn’t know they had one for him. I remember that tragic day...thanks for sharing.


Didn't know that was where you stayed! The Mister and I did a short walk in December (after we found parking after leaving Philippe's) but need to go back to explore more.


We used to adore the Shabu Shabu restaurant in that plaza. Fond memories waiting 2+ hours for a few seats at the shabu U-shaped bar. That HS speech was incredible - a great read to get this Monday morning started for me. Thank you for sharing -


Cool leg of your long trip! One of these days I gotta try the Surfliner. That's a cool goodie box they gave you. Thanks for the history lesson on Mikawaya. It's one of my fav spots to get ice cream in LA.


Depending on where your meeting is it might be worthwhile to take the train Sandy.

They've had one there since the 90's I think Kat.

We spent one evening there before our trip home Cathy.

That Shabu Shabu restaurant is still there Faye....and so are the lines!

Lot's of history in Little Tokyo Soo!


I still remember that day vividly. I was glued to the TV set with my brother. Man I haven't been to Little Tokyo in over a decade. Nowadays I frequent Torrance / Gardena instead for Japanese food.


It's just one of those days one doesn't forget (i.e. September 11th, the Moon Landing) Junichi. We were amazed at how busy Little Tokyo was.


I miss that area, thanks Kirk


We miss our visits to Little Tokyo too Billy!


What a fun road trip!

Re: Challenger/Ellison Onizuka memorial. I can't believe we missed seeing that during our last visit. I will make a point to visiting for a future trip. Last time we were there was for the Hello Kitty retrospective at the JANM in 2014. I can't forget the day of the tragedy. We were in high school and watched the event unfold so quickly.


Hope you get to check it out on your next visit CC.

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