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Saturday, 26 January 2019



that was a generous gift card if there is $50+ remaining! the lettuce wraps are pretty popular there. hopefully it wasn't too salty.


Yes, it was, cc; we also have $100 for Cheesecake Factory, another place never ventured...we will be at Fashion Valley Mall a lot in the near future. The lettuce wraps were a good meal- not too salty and not too sweet. Looking forward to trying more appetizers.


I visit once in awhile for fried rice or lo mein. If I want lettuce wraps they have them on special for happy hour. :-)


Oooh- I didn't realize there was a Happy Hour; that will make the gift card go father. Thanks for the recommendations, Soo.


I always avoided that place (not sure why) until I also got a gift card. I used my gift card on the Chilean Sea Bass (which I got to go) and it was REALLY good (pricey but that's what gift cards are for, right?)! Looks like you already got some yummy items on your first visit. Thanks for posting... I will have to give some of those a try some day if I find myself at PFC's again (or with another gift card)! =)


your meal looks great & thanks for reminding me that it’s been awhile since making those lettuce wraps, will make some when the weather warms up:)


It's good to try things for yourself and not pay attention to the naysayers, Dancing. I will admit it was the Gift Card that got us in here, but after this visit and looking at more of the menu (and learning there is a Happy Hour) makes PFChangs a good, centrally located choice for a nice meal or snack.
It was a great meal, Kat. Lettuce wraps/non-carb items are sort of a holdover from another New Year Resolution and the version here was really good. At home meals will utilize a lot to lettuce this year for us, too.

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