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Sunday, 20 January 2019



Our location (even though it is not in CV) in the Southland Plaza shopping center is where we like to go. We've had that salad (with the blue cheese on the side). We really enjoy their burgers, plain usually or if I am adventurous, with mushrooms or bacon or avocado. Frings are a good choice as well- the best of both!


The plain burger is really satisfying, cc. Being able to taste the ingredients is kind of the point...too much added on detracts from everything. Yes on the frings...salty, crispy, flavorful.


Good looking burger! I went to Fuddruckers for elk burger a few days ago.


looks great!


The 1/3-1/2 lb burgers here and at Fuddruckers are what The Mister and I order and don't have to share, Soo. I'm signed up to the 'Fudd's Club' and we get coupons for BOGO pretty regularly-I don't post on that but do have 50 or more photos of the same thing with various toppings. The burgers from both of those places really hit the spot.

It is, Kat.

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