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Wednesday, 30 January 2019



I saw that crab place the other weekend. We were next door at Grocery Outlet. Aw man, My daughter and I liked Junz. They offered half portions of sushi rolls (4 pc vs pc). Their price point was not bad considering it was North Park.

On another note, I didn't realize that Guahan Grill in IB has already opened.


The Mister and I “discovered “ Royal Garden just last month-and liked it. I hope this is something temporary; the menu looked good. We had just discovered The Hanaoka Group in September!


I know a lot of folks liked Junz CC.

I hope so too Cathy.....I really wanted some Oxtail Pho.


I was always puzzled about Junz as their sister spot NP Sushi was literally across the street.


Yes it was kind of odd Junichi....but I think they just wanted to get everybody.


Gonna miss Ly's Garden. I usually get their soysauce chicken noodles with soup on the side!


The prices at Ly's were hard to beat Elle.

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