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Monday, 28 January 2019



WTH no lemongrass? BLASPHEMY!
Shrimp paste is a must in this soup.


Totally Billy.....though at least they now put shrimp paste in the broth. So it's getting better. Happy New Year! Hope all is well.


More rain this weekend. Perfect time for more noodle soup!


Sure is Junichi! I'm kinda looking forward to it....even though Frankie doesn't like the rain!


Yes, I remember when it was down the block with homeless sitting outside. haha




Oh yes TFD......

It was ok Kat!


Welcome back Kirk! Haven't had bun bo hue in a long time. Bert and I may give this a shot since we're expecting a rainy weekend.


Hi CC - It might be just the thing for a rainy weekend!

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