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Saturday, 19 January 2019


Derek R

Haha! I was thinking - oh man's - here's another Mabo Ramen post & the chain has officially been broken! My usual order is either the Curry Ramen or their Mabo & Curry Katsu plate (it's now off menu but they'll still make it if you ask).


Yep, we got all wild and crazy ordering Mabo on rice for the first time, DerekR. Baby steps. The Mister has ordered Japanese curry at other places (one of the posts I'm working on) and the thought of curry ramen does sound time!


we haven’t had rain/snow at all this winter!


I've never had mabo anything. Will have to try this in the future.


I think that's a good thing, Kat. But missing a season is disconcerting; The Mister and I do miss the East coast/seasons and are happy when it does get chilly and there is rain.

Oh my, cc! I didn't know you've never tried it. You must.

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