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Wednesday, 09 January 2019



nice! I think they have a shop in Kapolei too.


That's cool the wings are up to your standards. I like the wings with the reduced amount of sauce too.


I walked by a few times at night and the place was packed on each occasion. Can't go wrong with wings and beer. I remember the first time I had KyoChon. Those wings were addicting.


Have been meaning to check this place out. I've only had Kyochon.


Thanks Kirk. I've been stupidly and lazily stopping at Cross Street over the past year or so for the most uninspired KFC, yearning for the real thing. I will swing by here.


also, just as a very minimal side note, I was frustrated eternally by the wing tips last night at Kin Khao in SF, with not particularly tender or crispy wings, so there might be a little bit of leeway on that point. ;-)


Another new KFC place opened in the Atlas market in Poway.
I haven’t been to Bonchon though so can’t compare.


Yes they do Kat!

The soy-garlic is a bit too sweet; so easy on the sauce works rather well Soo. Unless I'm there with my coworkers.

I hope you get to check them out soon Junichi! Wings and beer.....a perfect combo!

Check them out Dereck! Let me know what you think! Too bad about those wings at Kin Khao. How was the rest of the meal.

Is that Furaido RD? I have it on my "list".


Kin Khao was definitely not your typical thai place. I don't know that I would have guessed that they had a Michelin star if I wasn't told beforehand. Nam Tok Beans were fantastic and almost crispy, squid was perfect in a garlic heavy acid sauce, and a beef cheek curry stew was ho hum.

It's worth a visit I think if you are in the area, and it's about $20 per dish, so cheaper than other starred restaurants I have been to (other than in Spain)


Yes, Furaido.


I'm not sure if you saw my post on Kin Khao was good, but definitely not Michelin Star in terms of execution/food/service. I kinda thought of it being hipter-fusiony and actually enjoyed Mourad more.

I have it on my list RD!


Ha ha...your fried rice had three cucumber slices as depicte on their menus. We had two kinds today (along with our wings), the bulgogi and seafood rice. Two cucumber slices. Cutting corners already? Ha ha.


Funny, Mr. K has been bugging me for a return visit everyday this past week. I am glad we finally have a good KFC place in SD.


Hopefully, the fried rice was spite of being shorted one slice of cucumber CC.

Sounds like Mr K needs his "fix" Kirbie! ;o)


We really enjoyed the fried chicken much more than the rice but we wanted to give it a try. Loved the crispy batter and skin. Need to return with Bert and the teen.


I'm sure Bert will enjoy the chicken CC.

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