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Saturday, 29 December 2018



Nice selection of dishes from your visits! I need to try those garlic smashed cucumbers. So, table 4?


It's a nice variety here, cc, and we really enjoy everything. For some reason we were *always* given table 10, and the last two visits have had table 21, right by the cash register. You are supposed to get three of the cold dishes and so it's fun to try something different (also they charge $1 for each rice cup).


I was just here the other day. The cold appetizers are good! The leftovers were much better the next day.




I was thinking one of your IG posts was of Szechuan Chef, TFD. We are liking the cold items, too- next time one with peppers will be chosen, to eat with the meal. Everyone seems to take home leftovers, and yes, they are quite good the next day.

It was, Kat.

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